Whooshing sound in 2018 Pajero Sport

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Pajero Pete
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Whooshing sound in 2018 Pajero Sport

Tue May 10, 2022 4:59 pm

Hi Guys, just wondering whether anyone else has experienced this.
My 2018 Pajero Sport (purchased new) is making a pulsating whooshing sound, almost like water inside the tyres, if you can imagine that. At first I thought it was a tyre problem, then I realzsed that it actually does it when standing still with engine running. Almost sounds like a fan "breathing heavily" (whoosh whoosh). It is not very loud at standstill, but seems to amplify on the move. Once you brain locks into it it becomes quite irritating.
I have had the car on ramps with the engine running, but can't pick up the noise. I have tried switching the ventilation fan off, & it still does it. You probably think I am imagining it, but my wife picked it up originally.
Does anyone have any ideas where this sound is coming from? Could it be something to do with the transmission fluid, perhaps.
This is my 3rd Pajero, but the first with automatic transmission.
Best wishes
Pajero Pete

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Re: Whooshing sound in 2018 Pajero Sport

Sun May 15, 2022 8:55 am

Could it possibly be the fuel swooshing around in the tank.
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Re: Whooshing sound in 2018 Pajero Sport

Mon May 16, 2022 9:16 am

My 2007 Pajero LWB does something similiar. It starts making a whooshing sound when I start accelerating - usually when I am at or near sea level (moisture on the belts?) and far from home. If I break and re-accelerate a couple of times it usually goes away. But I hate when it happens because it is intermittent and makes me wonder what is about to break. It was the worst a year ago after I put in 'cheap' diesel once, but I am not convinced that had anything to do with it, because I have studiously stayed away from anything not from an established garage and brand. It settled down for a while, but I have just come back to sea-level and lo-and-behold it has started whooshing again. I have wondered if it might be the fuel pump grumbling about something.
I would not quite explain the sound I hear as water in the tyres, but more like a crank handle that is 'slipping' as you turn it. But thinking about it, it could very well be the same. Definitely something struggling with going round in circles....
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V for Vendetta
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Re: Whooshing sound in 2018 Pajero Sport

Mon May 16, 2022 11:22 am

You could maybe have a look at the brake accumulator. On the Gen 3's when the brake accumulator starts to throw its toys out the cot, a 'honking sound" sometimes followed by long periods of nothing, till the dreaded all lights on the dash and constant warning chime. And a brake pedal that feels like squeezing a rock. A tap of a spanner on the offending housing got me going, but it is a bit embarrassing when it happens and you have to take out your trusty spanner. It is a known fault on Gen 3's, could be something to research further for your model. It was the electric motor that goes and if you strip it out falls tons of carbon dust and possibly the brush holder. I got a motor from my sister in the states and replaced it. I believe that the Toyota Land Cruiser has the exact same type of accumulator. Word of warning make sure the coupling connecting the motor and pump are engaged. Otherwise you will speak words that even your great, great grandfather has never heard. That and about 4 quarter inch extension rods, a uj and the required Torx bit, lots of skinned fingers and hands, and away you go. Been there and have the scars to prove it. Good luck.
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Re: Whooshing sound in 2018 Pajero Sport

Fri Jul 07, 2023 12:25 pm

Hey there! Your experience with the brake accumulator issue sounds quite challenging! It's really insightful to know that a tap of a spanner can help momentarily, although I can see how it might be inconvenient if this happens too often.

You've made a great point about the similarities between different models. I'll definitely look more into this, especially regarding the Gen 3 models and the Toyota Land Cruiser. It seems like you've made a successful repair with a replacement motor. Kudos to you for that!

Your advice about ensuring the coupling connecting the motor and pump is properly engaged is duly noted. It sounds like a complex task that requires patience, precision, and a good set of tools.

Thanks for the heads up about the skinned fingers and hands, too! It's evident you've had a hands-on experience and are sharing your hard-won wisdom. I'll definitely keep your advice in mind. Good luck with your future projects, and thanks for the valuable advice!

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